the process

After booking your collection from the ‘Book your collection’ section, sit back and relax as we input your address into our database to be added to the collection schedule. Please be assured that we follow all GDPR guidelines, and will hold your details for only as long as we need them to collect your tree.

We will begin collections from 7th January, and hope to have finished collecting by 14th January. If we have not collected your Tree by the 14th, please get in touch via our facebook page – we do not take calls to our business numbers regarding this service.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process of collection:
– Your Tree must be put out for collection by the morning of January 7th.
– Your Tree must be free of all decorations and tags, and preferably the base. We will happily collect Trees in pots.
– The Tree must be visible and outside the front of the property. We regret that we do not have time to walk into your back garden or through a gate to find the Tree to be able to give the service that we want to deliver.
– Please ensure that your Tree is not causing an obstruction on the pavement if left there. A minimum gap of 1 metre must be left for disabled access. Please also ensure that your Tree cannot roll or be blown around in the wind. If the Tree is not obviously outside your property then we may not collect it on the basis that it could be someone else’s.
– Please make sure you select the right option for collection on the website. The standard collection covers Trees up to 9ft and for a single Tree. If you have larger or multiple Trees, then please see those separate sections in ‘Booking your collection’. We will not, for example, collect a Tree that is larger than 9ft if it has not been booked properly. The Tree will be left where it is and your fee will be refunded minus the payment fee and an admin fee of £1.

Many thanks
The Collection Team