About us

We are Joel Berry of Berry’s Trees and Gardens Ltd, and Mitchel Ingham of JM Groundcare. We are now on our second year of this project. We both have our own Tree Surgery and Landscaping orientated companies, and so have experience with handling and disposing of vegetation.

We decided to take on the project last year following the bowing out of Andrew Powell, who ran the project very successfully in previous years. Mitchel was the fuel to the fire in December 2018, encouraging the idea and started the ball rolling. I (Joel) happily jumped on board and we coordinated on planning and carrying out the project together, with a pretty reasonable degree of success, raising £7300 in donation to the charity.

Mitchel: I had dealings with the Children’s Hospital for my son when he was very young, having positive experiences with the level of care and dedication from the staff there.

Joel: I spent a number of weeks in the Children’s Hospital when I was 13 after breaking my Femur Head (Hip Joint). I required a major operation and recovery time in The Children’s Hospital, followed by a great deal of Physiotherapy to get me back up and running. I had a great experience with all the staff who helped me, and am very happy to be able to give something back.

The project is tiring and takes up a lot of our time, both in organising and also carrying out the physical side of the operation. However, it’s a nice way to start our year and we hope to better our donation from last year considerably now that we’ve learnt a few things along the way.

Thank you for your support!